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Yeah, see, but freakishly high prices have driven a lot of would-be buyers to stay on the sidelines and save for the time when house prices fall within reach.A lot of buyers–myself among them–have saved enough money to seriously reduce the amount needed to borrow. So I wouldn’t bank on the offsetting effects of rising interest rates and reduced purchasing power. Market conditions unrelated to interest rates are signalling the temporary demise of the zero-cash-down or 5% down home purchase, or so I think…-Jamey from Leonia

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First I would like thank you all for publishing this book!I would like to know when is the kindle version to be released?I already have most of the Manhattan GMAT books in kindle, so I would like to buy this Foundation of verbal book in kindle version instead of paperback.PS: same question for the Advanced Quant book.ThanksKarthik

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You own a mobile home that is parked on someone el7;e#821s&s land? Of course you still pay the lot rent even if you aren’t living there. Your lot rent includes the utilities. In the city where I live, we pay the base amount for those things for a house that may very well be unoccupied.

Thu, 12 May 2016 20:42:07 +0000
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I have to give props to our Mondoweiss community for being able to handle the antm-iascot (as well as the other haters and trolls) with such patience. You guys rock.

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